Melvin Seals

Melvin Seals has established a reputation as a recording artist, producer and record company executive in the field of gospel music. He first took up piano at the age of 8 and his first public performances were playing gospel music in church; his first band, "Gideon & Power," was a local San Fransicso group.

He has gone on to perform/record with Elvin Bishop, Charlie Daniels, Chuck Berry-and for 15 years with Jerry Garcia. He was the featured organist in such broadway hits as "Evolution of the Blues" with John Hendricks, ACT's production of "American More Or Less," the Joyce Carroll Thomas play "A Song In the Sky," and the hit "Don't Bother Me, I Can't Cope".

Melvin formed JGB one year after Jerry Garcia's death on August 8, 1995 and was originally joined by Gloria Jones and Jackie Labranch, who had been Garcia's background singers. He toured steadily from late 1996 through 1997 and then released a live CD with JGB, "Welcome To Our World," in February of 1998. Continuing a tradition of great song writing, Melvin Seals Melting Pot thrusts Melvin Seals into the next millenium with his first solo CD.