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The Anthology (Double CD)

The Anthology (Double CD)

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A double CD with 24 songs in all.

Lee's career has been of interest to die-hard British boogie blues lovers, which makes this 25-year double-disc summary of his dozen or so post- TYA albums so welcome. With a mixture of undiscovered treats and some previously unreleased material, "The Anthology" is the best way to discover Alvin Lee.

Track List

  1. Keep on Rockin'
  2. Wake up Moma
  3. On the Road to Freedom
  4. Play It Like It Used to Be
  5. Real Life Blues
  6. Back in My Arms
  7. Ain't Nobody's Business
  8. Long Legs
  9. Put it in a Box
  10. Boogie All Day
  11. Love Like a Man
  12. Jenny Jenny
  13. Love the Way You Rock Me
  14. The Bluest Blues
  15. Shot in the Dark
  16. My Baby's Come Back to Me
  17. You Told Me
  18. Madness
  19. Hear Me Calling
  20. Let It Rock
  21. I Don't Give a Damn
  22. Midnight Special
  23. Help Me Baby
  24. I'm Going Home 
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