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Average White Band (British Live Performance Series) (CD)

Average White Band (British Live Performance Series) (CD)

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Average White Band is widely regarded as one of the best soul and funk bands in the history of music. Though perhaps best known for their timeless instrumental mega-hit "Pick Up the Pieces," the band's strength actually lays in their consistently accomplished songwriting, resulting in several gold-selling albums and multiple Grammy nominations. Somewhat incongruously, given their Scottish roots, the seven-piece took the influences of their R&B heroes - Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Donny Hathaway and others - and developed their own authentic sound which was eagerly adopted by audiences in the U.S. and elsewhere.

As is evident in AVERAGE WHITE BAND: BRITISH LIVE PERFORMANCE SERIES, the band founding members Alan Gorrie (lead vocals, bass, guitar, keyboard) and Onnie McIntyre (guitar, vocals), Cliff Lyons (alto sax, keyboard, vocals), Rob Aries (keyboard, bass), Brent Carter (lead vocals), Rocky Bryant (drums) and Fred "Freddy V" Vigdor (tenor sax, keyboards, vocals) continues to delight audiences and critics alike with their musical energy and trademark sound.

This hour-long TV showcase from the Rockstage series, filmed and recorded by Central Television at Nottingham's Theatre Royal in 1980, catches the classic AWB line-up in their prime. It includes that year's UK Number 12 dance smash "Let's Go Round Again," transatlantic hit "Queen Of My Soul" and much more.

Track List
1. Atlantic Avenue
2. When Will You Be Mine
3. Cloudy
4. Kiss Me
5. Our Time Has Come
6. Queen of My Soul
7. I'm The One
8. For You, For Love
9. Let's Go Round Again
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