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Heretics & Privateers (CD)

Heretics & Privateers (CD)

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The Rainman Records re-release of Heretic & Privateers contains four, previously unheard acoustic tracks.

John proves to all his fans that this album has been well worth the wait. It covers all his musical styles of folk, rock, and heavy on the blues. The song writing is outstanding! He lets you in to his heart and soul when you hear his story come out in songs like "The Women In My Life" and "Don't Waste My Time".  Other stand out tracks include 'The Back page' and the Title Track 'Heretics and Privateers' which speak of people trying to do the right things and listen to their heart in a society that doesn't always wish you to do so. If you love writers of great lyrics this album must be in your collection!"

 Track List 

    1. Heretics & Privateers
    2. Don't Waste My Time
    3. Ain't That A Shame
    4. Dodging Bullets
    5. She's Got The Goods
    6. For The Women In My Life
    7. To Be Alive
    8. I Will Not Be Denied
    9. Endless Commercial
    10. The Ice Age
    11. Sleep With One Eye Open
    12. The Back Page
    13. She's Got The Goods -(acoustic)
    14. For The Women In My Life - (acoustic)
    15. I Will Not Be Denied - (acoustic)
    16. Endless Commercial - (acoustic)
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