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Still on the Road to Freedom

Still on the Road to Freedom

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Thirteen all new songs from Blues guitar master Alvin Lee.

In some ways, Alvin Lee's new album, Still On The Road To Freedom, feels like a reaching back, a looking back to the late '60s. But this is not a nostalgia record. It is not an attempt to recapture an earlier success, but seems more like a way to show the connection between the past and the present (and to explore both), something acknowledged in the album's title. And there is a freedom this album takes to move along the musical time line and use whatever seems right. The album definitely has a heavy blues edge. (One of its tracks, "Blues Got Me So Bad," has these wonderful lines: "I said I'd die for you, babe/She said, that's what I want you to do.") But this is not strictly a blues album. There is a lot more going on here. There is rock and rockabilly and folk, and it all comes together well.

Review from Michael Doherty's music log

Track List

  1. Still on the Road to Freedom
  2. Listen to Your Radio Station
  3. Midnight Creeper
  4. Save My Stuff
  5. I'm a Luck Man
  6. Walk on, Walk Tall
  7. Blues Got Me so Bad
  8. Song of the Red Rock Mountain
  9. Nice & Easy
  10. Back in '69
  11. Down Line Rock
  12. Rock You
  13. Love Like a Man 2
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